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posticon Bible Studies

Ever since Will invited Jesus to come into his spirit heart, we have started reading the Bible together. Once he gets started reading, it is hard for him to put a book down. I am glad it is God's Word, he now is interested in. So far, we have read Genesis, Exodus, and am almost to Leviticus. Image emoticon

So far, we have learned who the 12 Tribes of Israel originated from. Jacob (AKA Israel)'s sons 12 sons make up these 12 Tribes.

We have also learned that God deliberately hardened Pharaoh's heart throughout his pouring down of the ten plagues upon Egypt.

Now we are up past where Moses is with God, up on Mount Sinai, receiving the Ten Commandments, and the instructions about how to build the mobile Tabernacle.emoticon


R door is always open! Plz do drop by R humble little home...

Will and Ada's Portswood Cottage
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