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I found this too, in my The Answer Bible...


By Greg Cynaumon

God, since the beginning of time, has demonstrated a willingness to communicate with people through dreams. Some dreamers were great and powerful biblical figures fulfilling huge responsibilities in the shaping of history. Others were everyday people like you and me. They played minor roles in Scripture, other than their connection to the dream or the dreamer.

The bottom line is to keep an open mind about dreams and their meanings because only two possibilities are at work here. The first is that you orchestrate your own dreams. In this scenario, it's helpful to understand your dream in order to uncover and understand your subconscious thoughts and anxieties. I will submit to you that even if you are not completely comfortable with the premise that God can communicate through dreams today, perhaps an easier acceptance is that God created us with the ability to dream. Think about it for a moment. He created our minds in such a fashion to allow us to access information--hidden, repressed, or otherwise--while we sleep! Even if God is not on the other end of the dream, your ability to tap into your collective subconscious is possible because He deemed it so.

The second possibility, of course, is that God is speaking through your dreams. I assert that when that happens, you don't want to be asleep at the switch. If, infact, God does choose to communicate to us through our dreams, I'm certain there is a perfect reason for it. Perhaps the distraction of our daily routine disconnects us from Him in such a manner that we don't hear Him.

An analogy might be the studies conducted with hospitalized patients who are in comas. Case after case concluded that many of them, even those with marginal brain wave activity due to cerebral trauma, can hear people around them speaking to them. If science has proven that the mind is capable of listening while unconsious, traumatized, or anesthethetized, then why would it be difficult to believe our minds can hear God while we're asleep?


God does speak--sometimes one way and sometimes another--even though people may not understand it. He speaks in a dream or a vision of the night when people are in a deep sleep, lying on their beds.--Job 33:14-15

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. ~ Romans 1:16
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