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posticon Cottage Rules

Murdoch's Cottage Rules

I. Joining The Board

Keep in mind this board's subject is centered about the William and Ada Murdoch. We welcome all members.

 The forum is not set up as your advretising area. You may provide links in your signature, however one to a few posts to draw members to that site is forbidden. Do not participate for that sole reason.

Be considerate and please contain signatures to a maximum 600 pixels in length and 150 in height.

We would like to get to know our newly boarded passengers, therefore we ask that you create an Introduction thread.

By joining you agree to abide by the rules set for this community by the Administrator.

II. Basic Board Rules

Flaming of any sort will not be tolerated.

Provide respect to others sharing the forum with yourself. At the very least, if you expect it in return.

1) Please post discussions in their proper forum (A description is present to guide one to the main topic of that forum) the administration may move one's post/thread to the forum where it belongs.

[Spam is not permitted - Stay on Topic]

2) Avoid using "Internet Language" such as "U" to replace "You." One's post may be edited should it be found to be rather difficult to read.

3) Please remember that the Cottage cannot be held responsible for content of posts. Keep in mind though, that Negative (and or Flame posts) among others found offensive will be edited when found.

4) Should one's post require editing, a warning will be left by the Moderator or Admininistrator who had done so in Red. If you persist after the issued warning your posts will be deleted without discussion.

5) Posting from more than one account (Username - IP address) Is not permitted. Users who violate this rule will have all accounts other than the main account that user selects deleted and banned. Should this occur once again, the user will be banned as well.

6) Material from other websites must have the source provided.

7) We do not accept trollers as passengers abourd our community. Posting to stirr choas, negative feelings and or attention will be deleted, this will not be tolerated.

III. Administration

The administration is a team set to monitor and correct issues about the board. They are also meant to guide users, and are expected to participate frequently in order to do so.

Please do not request to become an Adminitrator or Moderator, a user will be selected to receive that title. Participation in Titanic related area's of a forum will enhance one's probablity of becoming a member of the team. Over all, it is a choice set by both the owner and the community.

1) Arguing with the Administrators, Moderators or very owner of the forum not only wastes your time, it will get you suspended and/or banned. Attempting to make us look bad will have the same result. You don't like one of our decisions, take it up with a PM.

A Moderator's and Administrators Guide has been placed in the "Captain's Quarters." Should you feel any member of our administration has gone out of line in your judgement, be sure to mention it to the team.

V. Violations

This section of the rules should apply to no one. Hopefully throughout the course of our history this area will not be taken into effect.

1) Violation of rules will result in your post being deleted. Warnings will be issued, after three, suspensions and banning will take place.

- 3 Warnings ~ Deleted posts/Thread

- Persisting afterwards will result in a
Weeks suspension, then 3 weeks, months then permanent banning if and when necessary.

Rules are Subject to Change


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Re: Cottage Rules

As is mentioned in Mr Titanic's above post--


The Rules are Subject to Change.

I am making a brand new rule...

Saving the best part to the last:

God and His Son Jesus, are most welcomed to dwell within the Murdoch's Portswood Cottage home.
-They are to be treated with the utmost respect on this board.

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For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. ~ Romans 1:16
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